• Barron's: Handicap the Race to the Cliff November 24, 2012

    By: Jim Mctague Until my Belfast-born barber explained the critical role of midfield play in soccer, the game was as indecipherable to me as hieroglyphics were to archeologists before Pierre François Bouchard discovered the Rosetta Stone in 1799. To sensible investors... read more

  • Manley: What an Obama Victory Means November 7, 2012

    By Jim Manley, Senior Director at QGA Public Affairs After an election like this, the American People have made it pretty clear that they are sick of gridlock and fighting, the question is whether Congress has finally gotten the message as... read more

  • The Hill: 1997 GOP coup is talk of 2012 primary January 31, 2012

    The 1997 attempted coup by House Republicans against then-Speaker Newt Gingrich has been thrust into the spotlight of this year’s battle for the GOP presidential nomination. The topic is sparking questions about what happened 15 years ago, why House Republicans wanted... read more

  • Bloomberg: Obama-Roberts Legacies to Be Shaped by U.S. High Court Health-Care Ruling November 15, 2011

    The Supreme Court's review of the U.S. health-care overhaul all but guarantees a legacy-shaping ruling for both President Barack Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts.The court's ruling will help determine Obama's political future as he seeks re-election in November. The... read more

  • NewsMax: National Restaurant Association Tries to Squelch Cain Discussion November 1, 2011

    The National Restaurant Association told its board members to avoid the press in the tumult surrounding allegations first reported in Politico that the association's former CEO, Herman Cain, sexually harassed two female staffers for the ... read more