• The Hill's Pundits Blog: Making the personal profound January 18, 2011

    By QGA's John FeeheryPresident Obama spoke from the heart last night, and it worked for him and for the country.He made the intensely personal profound. By highlighting first the lives of those who were killed in Tucson, ... read more

  • C-SPAN: Washington Journal for Sunday, January 16 January 18, 2011

    QGA's John Feehery & Democrat strategist Karen Finney discuss the 112th Congress, specifically how the Obama Administration and a divided House and Senate will work on legislative items in the upcoming year leading up... read more

  • MSNBC : In the Wake of Tucson January 14, 2011

    QGA's John Feehery talks with The Ed Show host Ed Schultz about Republican reaction to the Tucson shootings and President Obama's subsequent speech to the nation. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the...   read more

  • National Journal: THE 112TH CONGRESS: A SPECIAL REPORT/Oversight January 13, 2011

    QGA Chairman Jack Quinn comments on the investigations that could be led by the House GOP this year, from his perspective as White House counsel to former President Bill Clinton.Still waiting for the first subpoena ... read more

  • Roll Call: Business Welcomes a White House Ally January 13, 2011

    President Barack Obama's new chief of staff, William Daley, is being welcomed by the business lobby, which views the former bank executive as a kindred spirit who at least will give their issues a fair airing in... read more