• Politico: Tucson shooting presents 2012 test January 12, 2011

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011By Molly Ball, PoliticoFair or not, Palin has been a major theme of discussion in the wake of the shooting. Attempts to tamp down speculation, such as an adviser's claim that... read more

  • Politico:Tragedy may soften health debate January 12, 2011

    House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday signaled that after a mourning period, the House must respectfully resume its business. "This inhumane act should not and will not deter us from our calling to represent our constituents and... read more

  • NY Times: For Boehner, Rampage Imposes Its Own Agenda January 12, 2011

    Speaker of the House John A. Boehner...other House leaders and their aides are moving cautiously and have not said how soon normal Congressional business will resume, though it is likely that some semblance of routine will be... read more

  • The Hill's Pundits Blog: In Memoriam January 12, 2011

    By QGA's John FeeheryI have lived on and off Capitol Hill now for more than 20 years.I lived on the Hill in the early 1990s during the bad old days, when the crack wars threatened the... read more

  • The Hill's Pundits Blog: The Wasteland January 11, 2011

    By QGA's John FeeheryWe live in a violent country.It has always been thus.One of our greatest statesmen (Alexander Hamilton) died in a duel with another one of greatest statesmen (Aaron Burr).We were founded ... read more