• Washington Post: For President Obama, Signing Tax-Cut Bill Makes for a Good Day After a Bad Election December 20, 2010

    A month ago President Obama was the big loser of 2010, the leader whose party had given up historic losses in the House and who was facing questions about his future. On Friday, with the stroke of... read more

  • MSNBC: Tea Party vs. Republicans December 20, 2010

    QGA's John Feehery talks with Hardball host Chris Matthews about the debate between Tea Party supporters and Capitol Hill Republicans over earmarks.Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   read more

  • MSNBC:Levin vs.Obama December 17, 2010

    QGA's John Feehery talks on The Ed Show about Senator Carl Levin's accusation that President Obama is afraid to take on hard fights.Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   read more

  • The Hill: Thaw seen in relations with Obama and K St. December 15, 2010

    But since the election, lobbyists are playing a more active role in Business Forward's main function: briefings with senior Obama administration officials.For example, on Nov. 15, Jim Messina, deputy White House chief of staff, attended a Business... read more

  • Hoppe: Votes of the Living Dead December 15, 2010

    "For Democrats seeking re-election in 2012, the omnibus spending bill is the first vote of the rest of your lives."Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) unveiled suddenly Tuesday afternoon a 1,924-page omnibus appropriations spending... read more