• WSJ: Manley on What Might Happen if Republicans Take Control of the Senate April 28, 2014

    The Wall Street Journal April 18, 2014 By: Jim Manley I’m already being asked by reporters what could be accomplished in the Senate next year if it were to flip to Republican control. So here is how I see the scenario and the... read more

  • National Journal: Ayotte Aide Wrapping Two Decades in Politics—for Now February 25, 2014

    National Journal February 25, 2014 By: Christopher Snow Hopkins During his two-plus decades in the political arena, John Easton has watched third-party players and corporate cash inundate the campaign trail. “The outside influences on a race have grown at an astronomical rate,” says the outgoing chief... read more

  • John Easton to Join QGA Public Affairs February 11, 2014

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Feb. 11, 2013 –QGA Public Affairs today announced that John Easton, Chief of Staff to Senator Kelly Ayotte, will be joining the firm as Vice President later this month.  Easton has had a long and successful career both... read more

  • POLITICO: Crisis gurus praise Chris Christie’s response January 9, 2014

    POLITICO January 9, 2014 By: Emily Schultheis and Katie Glueck Apologize. Take responsibility. Act decisively. Crisis management experts say those are the necessary first steps in handling a scandal — and they gave New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie high marks for his news conference... read more

  • POLITICO Magazine: Can Congress Be Saved? December 11, 2013

    POLITICO Magazine December 11, 2013 By: James Manley, Senior Director at QGA Public Affairs I’m not sure anything can fix Congress at this point. But what can at least help is what made the institution work in years past: relationships. I’ll explain in a... read more