• Time November 26, 2006

    The reception thrown by Nancy Pelosi at the Capitol a week after the Democrats prevailed in congressional elections was a party some power players had been waiting more than a decade to attend. The... read more

  • Legal Times November 20, 2006

    ...But there's also a whole team of younger lobbyists in their 30s and early 40s who have also raised money for Hoyer, either through other individuals or through their clients.They include Bruce Andrews and Marti Thomas at... read more

  • The Washington Post November 16, 2006

    On the Democratic side, Kevin Kayes, chief counsel to Sen. Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), will be joining Quinn Gillespie & Associates shortly. Even though his boss is going to be Senate majority leader, Kayes, who earlier served... read more

  • The Hill November 15, 2006

    In a post-Election K Street where Democratic lobbyists are all the rage, the already bipartisan Quinn Gillespie & Associates has scooped up one of the Senate's most senior and sought-after aides...Kevin] Kayes has spent... read more

  • The Hill November 1, 2006

    Quinn Gillespie and Associates' Bruce Andrews named one of Washington D.C.'s "Leading Democratic Lobbyists." read more