Communications and Public Relations

QGA's communications team brings experience from a variety of backgrounds, including the White House, Capitol Hill, global PR firms and national media. From accomplished television and digital producers to top Congressional spokespersons, QGA brings some of the industry's most recognized talents to every client challenge.This variety of perspectives enables us to view our clients' issues from multiple angles and provide strategic, and tailored recommendations.

QGA has developed and implemented highly effective campaigns on a variety of issues, including large Department of Defense contracts, energy-related tax credits, and federal funding for basic scientific research.

QGA has helped clients to successfully communicate during a variety of difficult situations, including lawsuits, Congressional investigations and corporate crises.

A strong, credible and targeted message is at the core of everything we do. QGA helps its clients develop a compelling narrative grounded in messages that resonate with their audience.

QGA has prepared government and corporate spokespeople for political and media exposure, helping them effectively communicate their message in the harshest of environments.